July 31, 1924Erma Smythe to Zilpha Zimmerman Erma writing to her mother from the Sound on her way to China.
October 23, 1924Erma Smythe to Eunice ZimmermanInteresting discussion on books about China. "Modern Chinese History: Selected Readings", and "Chinese Junks and other Native Craft". Brief mention of Dr. Grabau. Another section dated 10/26/24 says Peking has been sacked. Looks like they will be evacuated to the concessions. Donald is prepared.
May 30, 1925Erma Smythe to Zilpha ZimmermanVisit to an old temple. Plans for trip to Pei Tai Ho for the summer. Dr. Grabau to give her a story. Discussion of items she had sent to them.
June 18, 1925Donald Smythe to William R. SmytheA lengthy letter from Donald to his brother William. A lot of very interesting details and stories about the political situation in China.
November 10, 1925Erma Smythe to Zilpha Zimmerman Shopping with Mrs. Petterson in Peking. On the train coming down from Peking talked with Mr. M.T. Liang, one of the delegates to the Washington Conference in 1921. Had tea with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson of the Third Asiatic Expedition. Some description of Peking. Stayed with Mrs. Ingram at the American Board Mission.

The China Years - Part I

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