From: Donald Smythe
R.M.S. Empress of Asia

To: William R. Smythe

October 14, 1923

Querido Hermano:-
Anyone considering us from a distance would think that we were trying to keep the globe between us. Wish I could have seen you before I sailed but there was no chance as I will be a month and a half late as it is.

While I was in Seattle I met Homer R. Hutchinson. Last saw him in France. He is married (not Lucy Savage) and has a nice little place there. Is working in the Gen. Mgr's. office of the Telephone Company. He was very good about showing me around. Just about made me think that I would like to live in Seattle. He tells me that Egg Martin is married to his sister Mary.

Have taken second class on this boat as it saves me $151.00. Have a 1st class cabin, but the rest of it is not very good. The 1st class is not worth the difference though. Have had some rough weather on the trip, and as I was not in very good shape got pretty sea sick. The day we could not go out on deck it was so rough, the sea came over and smashed some benches and a door but she is a pretty good boat and rode pretty good considering.

We are making good time now, the water is quite calm, about 100 miles off the coast of Japan. The boats do not put into Yokohama now but we touch Kobe and Nagasaki. Will reach Kobe Monday night or Tuesday morning and Shanghai Sat. Morning. I expect to catch a train to Tientsin and be there a week from tomorrow night. I sent you a Indian rug I got for you in Peru, In order to keep the moths out we had it on the floor but left in such a hurry that we didn't have it cleaned. The name on it is where the indian tried to spell his name. He probably didn't speak Spanish and so was copying from what someone had showed him. The birds are ducks and the central design is intended for the coat of arms of Peru.

Erma is at Pagosa Junction Colo, with her uncle, you can reach her c/o W. Zabriskie in case you want to.

Hope you and Helen had a good trip across the Atlantic and are enjoying the states by now.

Yours, Donald

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